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Biosense is a medical technology company that has developed extremely sensitive nanomaterial-based biosensors that enable rapid measurement of important biofluids from a small sample of saliva. We are focused on the diabetes market, where saliva-based glucose measurement could dramatically improve monitoring of Type II diabetics who don't use blood-based glucometers. Biosense technology enables rapid monitoring of glucose without a fingerstick.

Biosense Business Strategy

•  Biosense is a medical device company with wellness product spinoffs

•  Wellness products will be driven by a strategic partner, who is one of the biggest distributors of test strips in U.S. drugstores

•  Disease detection is a longer-term goal, with key technology developments by two partners in a Joint Venture, with the support of Biosense

Biosense-EMED Collaboration

•  EMED Technologies Corporation has invested in Biosense, and is providing key resources:

      -  Facilities (see photo at right)

      -  Engineering, QA, Regulatory

      -  Working capital

•  Collaboration with EMED enables efficient development with minimal budget

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