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There are about 12,000 professional athletes in the U.S. and more than 200,000 worldwide.  There are millions of college and amateur athletes.  Lactate threshold has been the historical approach to measuring fitness and endurance, but requires multiple finger-sticks.  The Biosense saliva-based lactate sensor enables athletes to measure lactate while exercising, and provides coaches with a technique that doesn't require finger-sticks or dealing with the biohazard of blood.

Lactate is the "Truth Serum" of professional sports ...

but nobody likes finger-sticks!

•  Lactate threshold testing has required 6-10 finger-sticks during a 20-minute workout on a stationary bike or treadmill.

•  Increasing lactate threshold indicates better endurance


•  Elite athletes (and their coaches) can use serial lactate measurements during a defined exercise protocol to monitor improvements in their endurance

Lactate Threshold testing.jpg

Biosense provides simple saliva collection methods

•  Saliva can be collected with a small sponge under the tongue

•  The sponge is placed in a small vial, and the top pressed to filter the saliva


•  The test strip is dipped into the saliva in the vial

•  The reader detects the saliva on the strip, and measures the lactate within 15 seconds.  The lactate value is shown on the Biosense app on your smartphone

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