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Biosense conducted a clinical study of its saliva-based lactate sensor in Mexico City in 2020.  This was a study of cardiac rehabilitation patients.  An example of the saliva lactate results in comparison with a blood lactate meter are shown below.

How good is it?

•  An example from our clinical study in Mexico City demonstrates equivalent lactate threshold measurement in saliva and blood

•  The saliva values are in amperometric current, which needs to be calibrated to obtain specific lactate values


•  There may also be a time delay from blood lactate to saliva lactate.  In our testing, this is typically 3 minutes

•  Lactate threshold can be determined, and lactate can be used in serial measurements to monitor endurance and performance

Lactate study.png

YoYo Test

•  The first image to the right shows raw saliva and blood data taken during a YoYo test

•  The image to the far right shows the resulting correlation of predicted lactate concentration using the saliva data, vs. actual blood lactate readings


•  Biosense is continuing its studies to develop calibration techniques and determine repeatability of the saliva-based lactate

YoYo3 vs blood.jpg
YoYo3 data.jpg
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