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Biosense is a small company, but has seasoned management.  The CEO has 4 decades of experience in bringing novel medical technologies to market, and direct experience with glucose sensors.  Our CSO is a talented biomedical researcher who has developed much of the Biosense technology.  And our Chairman is the CEO of EMED Technologies Corporation, a successful medical device company.

Luis Bojorquez,

CSO Biosense

Luis Bojorquez has a master's degree in biotechnology from Ensenada Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education. Luis specializes in the integration of biomolecules and their characterization on electrochemical devices such biosensors and biofuel cells. Luis has published several research articles and book chapters in the area of biotechnology, bio-nanotechnology and electrochemistry.

Extended Team

•  Paul Lambert, Chairman of the Board, Advisor

•  Ken Tallo, Business & Strategic Advisor


•  EMED Engineering Team - product development, documentation

•  EMED Regulatory & Quality  Assurance Team - quality system, regulatory/clinical affairs

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