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The Wellness market offers a lower bar for initial market entry.  The FDA describes "low risk general wellness" products that promote, track, or encourage choices that help living well with diabetes.  It must be non-invasive, and present a low risk to users.

Glucose Monitor

  • A Wellness glucose monitor could use a small sample of saliva to show whether glucose levels are in range

  • This could be a simplified technique for diabetics who do not want to worry about numbers, or pre-diabetics who just want to know if their glucose levels are spiking 

  • Such a Wellness product would be sold over-the-counter at major drug stores

Lactate Sensor

  • Lactate threshold is a measure of muscle and cardiovascular fitness, and is used by athletes and in cardiac rehabilitation

  • The conventional lactate threshold test requires collecting blood via 6-12 fingersticks during a 20-minute exercise

  • Biosense successfully showed a correlation between blood-based and saliva-based lactate threshold testing

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